Louis R. Levin, Ph.D.


Clinical Psychologist  NM License # 598
2078 Calle Contento  Santa Fe  NM  87505
(505) 473-3719

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The Heron symbolizes greeting the dawn 
and providing for the young; 
It also represents danger overcome,
was the generator of new life in mythological times, and was seen as a favorable omen whenever it appeared.


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I offer training and supervision integrating several kinds of helping techniques for professionals who work with children and their families.

I am an experienced child and family therapist, clinical diagnostician, have taught at the graduate level in several colleges and universities, supervised clinical staff and doctoral students, and am a former school counselor, school psychologist, and elementary school teacher. Most recently, I have been an adjunct instructor in Psychology at the College of Santa Fe, where I taught child and adolescent development and Tests and Measurements.

Iíve provided services to children and those who care for them for over 25 years, including serving as Coordinator of an outpatient community mental health program for children, and as Coordinator of a public school district Student Wellness program.

The approach that I promote is a child-centered blend of child development, family systems therapy, attachment theory, neurological considerations, and compassionate behavioral strategies.

Along with extensive clinical experience in applying these principles in direct work, I have used them in consultation in schools and in supervision for many years. An important part of my approach is the therapist/ teacher/ caretakerís ability to move between various styles of approaching the child as the childís readiness, need and capacity indicate. 


Current Offerings

  Being With Childen: Treating the Hearts and Minds of Children in Psychotherapy Workshops for professional mental health workers

A Ĺ to 1 full day workshop for mental health providers applying recent developments in attachment theory and neuropsychology to therapeutic strategy. 

  Being With Children: Treating the Hearts and Minds of Children in School Workshops for professional school staff

A Ĺ to 1 full day workshop for school staff directed toward the understanding and use of concepts concerning right-brain development and social- emotional learning, both as goals in themselves and as the foundation for all academic learning.

  Individual or Group Supervision

Clinical supervision for staff and trainees in therapeutic practice itself, and as a function of the school or agency in which it takes place.


Basic Design of Being with Children Workshops for mental health providers

  • Neurological bases of social- emotional development and learning
  • Attachment theory and its implications for therapy
  • Relationship of acute, pervasive, and indirect trauma on attachment style
  • Therapeutic strategies
  • Determination of style of approach based on client needs

Basic Design of Being With Children workshops for school staffs

Workshops, tailored to the needs of the contracting school, include the following basic elements:

  • Neurological bases of social- emotional development and learning
  • Attachment theory and its implications for the classroom
  • Impact of acute, pervasive, and indirect trauma on learners
  • Therapeutic, counseling, teaching, and classroom management strategies
  • Determination of style of  approach based on student  needs